Blue Bird Sculpted Cake - CAKE STYLE

Materials -
•2 x 8” Round cakes, cut into 4 layers in total at 1 1/8” high
•1.1kg (2lb 7oz)Chocolate ganache
•1.875kg (4lb 2oz) Modelling chocolate •1.5kg (3lb 5oz) Sky Blue •350g (12oz) Chocolate Brown •25g (1oz) Orange
•-From leftover Sky Blue {150g (5oz) Dark Blue - made using Sky Blue and Royal Blue) & 15g (0.5oz) Black}
•Large and small spatula
•Turntable (optional)
•9” Round cake board/ cardboard iced in white fondant
•Large bread knife
•Small steak knife
•Parchment/ Baking paper
•Jam Syrup
•Large rolling pin
•Cornstarch/ cornflour
•Pizza cutter
•Chef torch
•Embossed pinwheel cutter (optional)
•Craft/ Exacto knife
•Sugar glue
•Small paintbrush
•Woodgrain impression mat (optional)
•Round cutters (optional)

Tips and Tricks-
Bake two 8” round cakes and cut each into 2 layers that measure 1 1/8” (28mm)

Make sure your ganache is spreadable; you don’t want it too stiff, or it will damage the structure of the cake.

Cut the cakes to a width of 5 1/2” when applying the templates.

When cutting around the top of the cake, create a middle score mark, so you can easily cut from both sides.

Patch any holes in the ganache finish with more ganache on your fingers. Any holes will create air bubbles.

When rolling out modelling chocolate, use cornflour to avoid sticking to your surface.

Apply a thin amount of jam to the cake, too much will cause issues such as sagging, sweating and too much movement.

Smooth the top of the bird once modelling chocolate is attached, then work down the sides of the cake. 
Use some of the leftover sky blue modelling chocolate to make the dark blue and black. You should have approx half the sky blue left once the bird is covered.

Use the chef torch to remove the seam if it is not flawless or not in the centre.

When rolling out the wings and eyes, place in the fridge for 1-3 minutes before placing them on the cake, so they are firm and easy to apply.

Roll out the brown modelling chocolate and place them in a pile. That way they can take on various shapes and set up a little before applying them to the cake board. Allow 45mins - 2 hours.

Use sugar glue to attach the first couple of rows of nest. Then as you add more “branches” interlock them to create a woven effect.

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