Easy Macaron Recipe/Tutorial


French Macarons are known to be tricky to master. This is my 'fail proof' method! If you follow my ingredients and instructions you will yield perfect macarons every time, I promise!
In saying that, practice is your friend! I can whip these up in no time at all because I used to make them for sale in cafes and custom orders. I've had a lot of practice!

Handy Hints:
- Everything should be clean and dry! Macarons hate humidity and moisture. I dry everything with paper towels when making these, I also work in airconditioning because I live in a hot/humid environment most of the year.
- Sift your almond meal! Trust me, for a smooth finish, you want to sift your almond meal to get any lingering lumps out of the packet.
- Weigh your ingredients! This is the only way to get them precise and macarons love precision! (I'll do a US conversion recipe below)
- Age your egg whites, preferably for a few days, but at least for a few hours! Trust me, it makes a world of difference, why not separate them the night before?
- Rest your piped macarons. If you don't then you will not get feet and they will most likely crack! No one likes ugly macarons right? They are delicate and pretty!
- Cook in a low temp oven and watch them!
- Work in small batches (like the recipe I have supplied) until you get the hang of it.
- Never add liquid food coloring. Always use a paste or powdered coloring, this way you will not ruin the integrity of the meringue.
- If you wish to flavour the shell, use a flavoured oil, they are very concentrated and the flavour wont cook out.
- After they have baked, cooled and you have filled them with your desired filling, place them in the refrigerator overnight so the flavours can meld, bring them out and let them come to room temperature before eating - 24-48 hours resting time is recommended for the best texture/flavour.
- Be patient! Biggest tip is patience, macarons don't like to be rushed, they live by their own rules and you must comply. Patience will be rewarded.

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