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Growing up in India, my knowledge of other cuisines (other than Indian of course) was very limited. I only knew about indian veggies, breads, rice and lentils. When we grew up a little, things changed and suddenly pizzas, pastas and manchurian were everywhere. I know things have changed a lot now but back then the only food that we ate which was not “Indian” were burgers, pizzas, pasta, noodles and indo-chinese. We had little or no idea about any other food in the world and so when I moved to US I was suddenly exposed to a lot of cuisines, some of which I have grown to love. Mexican and middle eastern food are two of my top favorites. And it is my love for these cuisines that keeps inspiring me to try out these recipes, the latest being pita bread.
Pita breads are an integral part of Afghan, Lebanese, Persian cuisines, just like parathas and naans are for us. These flat-breads are made from all purpose flour and puff up in the oven when baked. Because they puff up, these breads have po…