Risotto and cheese arancini

400g of risotto
50g of Mozzarella (you will need the cheese in a bar, not balls)
1 egg
50g of breadcrumbs
300ml of oil for frying

1. Cut the Mozzarella into small cubes.

2. Whisk the egg.

3. Grab a bit of risotto and make it into a flat sheet on your palm. Put a piece of cheese in the middle and make a ball. It will be easy, because risotto is quite sticky.

4. Put the formed balls on a plate.

5. Heat up the oil in a pan. The oil should cover half of a ball. To check if the oil is hot, drop some water in it — the oil should sizzle immediately (be careful!).

6. Drop the balls into the egg batter and coat them in the breadcrumbs. Then put them in the oil immediately. Turn the balls over with a skimmer — they should fry evenly.

7. Place the balls on paper towels to drain the extra oil.

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